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Silkstone Waggonway

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Moorend to Cawthrone




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Penistone is S36 6AR.)

Distance from Penistone: 4.3 miles / 10 mins


The Silkstone Waggonway is a recreational and Industrial History Trail, from Moorend in the Dove valley to the site of the canal basin at Barnby Bridge, Cawthorne.

The trail follows the route of a horse drawn railway (waggonway), built in 1809 from Cawthorne to Silkstone, which transported coal mined in the area to the canal. The coming of the Barnsley Canal in 1800 into this previously land locked coalfield, meant that coal could be moved along the canal and river system by barge to towns and markets in east Yorkshire. It also gave access to the sea from the River Humber.

The waggonway was extended to Silkstone Common (Moorend) in 1830 to serve the various collieries. In 1848 a branch line of the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway from Oxspring came to Silkstone Common, enabling coal to be taken through the Woodhead Tunnel to Manchester.
From 1852 a line was laid up the Dove Valley from Wath, through Worsbrough to Moorend, which gave access directly to the London market.

Read more about the history of the waggonway here:

The map below is for directions to Silkston only. You can download the full Silkstone Waggonway route and see a detailed map in the walks section.


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