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Various types of accommodation in the Penistone, Barnsley and East Peak areas


Silkstone Golf Club
Tankersley Golf Club
Worltley Golf Club


Please contact the club itself, see its website or click the Google Mpas link for directions.

Distances mentioned here are from Penistone town centre.


The clubs accept members and non-members. Please see their websites for more information.

Photos, l-r: Silsktone, Tankersley, Wortley

Silkstone Golf Club - 5.4 miles

Tankersley Golf Club - 8.1 miles

Wortley Golf Club - 5.3 miles


All the information on these pages is obtained from directories or, in some cases the attractions themselves or their websites. All effirt is made to ensure the accuracy of entries but you should always check with the venues themselves before visiting. Any queries should be addressed to the owners of the business, not Visit Penistone.