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Please contact the venue itself or see their website for directions.

Distances mentioned here are from Penistone town centre.

Facilities & clubs

There are several angling clubs in the area. Rules and openings times are often changed and so it's a good idea to check the offcial websites or phone before planning avisit.

Photos top right and centre borrowed from Barnsley Trout Club website.

Barnsley Trout Club - 1.4 miles

Stocked with rainbow and brown trout of 1½ - 8 lbs every 14 days in season.
From 1st March to 30th November. Open 7am to one hour after sunset.
Tickets at the reservoir: £12 per day. £ 6 Evening (approx 3 hours). £ 3 Juniors.
All types of bank fishing permitted; fly, bait and treble hook spinner Two fish limit per day, one fish limit evenings and juniors then catch and release.Tag fish at £10 each in the dam collect at the office.

Cannon Hall Lake - 4.9 miles

  • Barkhouse Lane, Cawthorne, Barnsley
  • Tel: 01226 790270
  • Website: (link will take you to the actual page).

Fishing in the lower lakes is available, tickets are available from the car park ticket machines. Fishing tickets cost £3 per day for adults, £1 for children and senior citizens.

Elsecar Reservoir - 11.3 miles

The reservoirs fishing rights are leased to Elsecar Colliery Angling Club and it contains a variety of coarse fish. The Club has the exclusive right to fish with rod and line in certain parts of the reservoir. The Club has 29 pegged fishing bays and 15 non pegged fishing bays for use by club members and by other clubs at organised events.

Nether Mill Coarse Fishery, Penistone 0.8 miles

  • Nr Nether Mill Cottage, Barnsley Road, Penistone, S36 8AD,
  • Tel: Adam Hinchliff, 07770 670042
  • Web info (unofficial):

A single mixed coarse lake fishery, stocked with the usual Perch, Tench, Roach, Rudd and Crucians. They also have the obligatory Carp of various types ranging in size from 6oz to 12lb.
The lake covers about an acre with a circular island at one end bordered by lilies. A long central island planted with weeping willow, sedges and grasses and finally a small island at the other end planted similar to the middle one. The margins have been planted with a few clumps of bull rush which should spread nicely to make some good margin features to fish to.

Day tickets: £5

Newbiggin Pond - 7.8 miles

  • Park Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley
  • Tel: 01142 84524
  • Web info (unofficial):
  • New Biggin is one of the waters run by Chapeltown & District AA. It is one of the oldest clubs in Sheffield and the first angling club in South Yorkshire to get the highly accredited clubmark status, it also has four qualified coaches and runs coaching sessions for Children throughout the year. Read more at the above website.

Underbank Reservoir, Stocksbridge 3.6 miles

  • Underbank Reservoir,Stocksbridge, Sheffield, S36 4GH (NB no postcode given but this is the one used for the activity centre nearby)
  • Web info (unofficial):
  • One of the many reservoirs in and around the Sheffield area. The water can provide all year round sport with very good catches of Pike up to the mid-twenties coming out from dead baits during the colder winter months. The pike fishing is controlled under syndication and there is quite a waiting list due to the quality of the fishing. (Taken from website above - vsit to read more).

Worsbrough Country Park - 7.8 miles

  • Worsbrough Bridge, Barnsley, S70 5LJ
  • Tel: 01226 203090
  • Website: (link will take you to the actual page).
  • Fishing day tickets are issued on the day by the bank walker and cost £3 for adults, £1.50 for concessions and children under 16.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Season tickets cost £25 for adults, £12.50 for concessions and children under 16. This season ticket covers fishing at Brampton Canal, Fiskerton section of the River Trent, Smithes Pond, Tinkers Pond, and Worsbrough Reservoir.
  • For further information please contact the Barnsley Amalgamated Angling Association 01226 203090.


All the information on these pages is obtained from directories or, in some cases the attractions themselves or their websites. All effirt is made to ensure the accuracy of entries but you should always check with the venues themselves before visiting. Any queries should be addressed to the owners of the business, not Visit Penistone.