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Wortley Top Forge

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Forge Lane,
South Yorkshire,
S35 7DN


Tel: 0114 281 7991


Open Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays until Sunday 3 Nov 2013, 11.00 am to 5.00 pm. Guided tours. Small admission charge.


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(The postcode for the centre of
Penistone is S36 6AR.)

Distance from Penistone: 4 miles / 10 mins


Wortley Top Forge is a Water Powered Iron Forge whose history can be traced back to 1640. The site has been used for various processes but it is best known for the Wrought Iron Railway Axles that were produced between 1840 and production stopping around 1910.

Following the final abandonment of the site in 1929, various bodies have been involved in securing the site which now forms the heart of an Industrial Museum.

Exhibits at Top Forge include the original water wheels and water powered drop hammers within the original Forge building that is progressively being restored to 1900s condition. All three Water Wheels can be run subject to conditions.

Adjoining buildings house a 1920s Machine Shop, that is used for most of the restoration work, displays of medium sized and small stationary steam and displays of old machine and hand tools.

You can see 360° panoramic views here:


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